Oscar Mulero

Stone Techno X Zollverein

Rave It Up


Oscar Mulero

Stone Techno X Zollverein

Marcel Dettmann X DJ Stingray 313

Ostgut Ton from the Halle am Berghain

Vril & Rødhåd: "Out Of Place Artefacts"

Stone Techno X Zollverein

Colin Benders

Stone Techno X Zollverein


At the Beyeler Foundation

Oscar MuleroStone Techno X Zollverein

A leading proponent of underground techno since the early 2000s and a major influence in electronic music in his native Spain since the early 1990s, Oscar Mulero performs in Stone Techno at the cavernous post-industrial space of the Zollverein near Essen.

Duration :

61 min

Available :

From 01/10/2021 to 21/08/2031

Genre :

Performance Art

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