Public tenders

of ARTE GEIE, Strasbourg

Contracts – excluding programmes – entered into by ARTE GEIE constitute public contracts and are subject to periodic calls for tender.

As a public channel, 95% of which is financed by the public broadcasting contribution in France and Germany, ARTE GEIE is considered as a contracting authority and conducts calls for tender in accordance with European legislation

(cf. Directive n°2014/24 of 26 February 2014, transposed into French law by the Code de la commande publique).


The buyer profile used by ARTE GEIE for the dematerialisation of its calls for tender is Alsace Marchés Publics.

  • Current calls for tenders:
For greater ease of use, it is advisable to access the consultation (under the heading “Actions”) by right-clicking, then “Open link in a new tab / window”).


DYNAMIC PURCHASING SYSTEM: “Provision of services and support for DATA needs”

  • Other calls for tenders:

On behalf of a consortium formed by ARTE GEIE and France Télévisions, a dynamic purchasing system has been set up for the needs of the two contracting authorities in terms of “Provision of services and support for Data needs”. The dynamic purchasing system shall be operated as a completely electronic process, and shall be open throughout the period of validity of the purchasing system to any economic operator that satisfies the selection criteria.

France Télévisions is the coordinator of the consortium for the procurement and administrative management of the dynamic purchasing system. As such, the France Télévisions Procurement Profile is used for the submission of applications that allow candidates to be referenced in the system.

The Procurement Profile can be accessed at the following link: The interface of the Procurement Profile is only available in French. Reference number France Télévisions: AC221-110

Specific contracts will be addressed to the companies referenced in the dynamic purchasing system. For specific contracts relating to the needs of ARTE GEIE, the ARTE GEIE Procurement Profile will be used (Alsace Marchés Publics).


See also the ARTE France calls for tenders.