Germany Controls Europe

Euromyth No. 2

True or False: Challenging Euromyths


Europe is Swamped with Migrants


Too Much Regulation

Euromyth No.3

The Tyrannical EU Commission

Euromyth No.4

EU Law Trumps National Law

Euromyth No. 5

MEPs Get a Salary for Life

Euromyth No. 6

The Euro Made Everything Expensive

Euromyth No. 7

The Euro Only Benefits Rich Countries

Euromyth No. 8

Germany Controls EuropeEuromyth No. 2

Some see Angela Merkel as a dominant figure in Europe with Germany imposing its will over other EU member states. If it is true that many Germans hold key roles in EU institutions, Germany has just one vote in the Council, the same as any other member state.

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2 min

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From 04/04/2019 to 02/03/2039

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