Too Much Regulation

Euromyth No.3

True or False: Challenging Euromyths


Europe is Swamped with Migrants


Too Much Regulation

Euromyth No.3

The Tyrannical EU Commission

Euromyth No.4

EU Law Trumps National Law

Euromyth No. 5

MEPs Get a Salary for Life

Euromyth No. 6

The Euro Made Everything Expensive

Euromyth No. 7

The Euro Only Benefits Rich Countries

Euromyth No. 8

Too Much RegulationEuromyth No.3

Many European citizens and heads of state accuse the European Union of imposing too many directives and regulations, especially in social affairs. In reality it is national governments that hold most power in this domain.

Duration :

2 min

Available :

From 05/04/2019 to 02/03/2039

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