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As the European Culture Channel, ARTE provides cultural programming that fosters understanding among Europeans and brings people together. Since its creation in 1991, ARTE stands for cultural diversity and multilingualism. ARTE uncovers new talent, encourages artistic creativity, and preserves and promotes Europe’s cultural heritage. ARTE supports talented film-makers as a co-producer and shows ambitious new creations, daring drama and series. On offer are also bold documentaries, no infotainment but daily news of vital interest to Europeans. Not to forget the live music and performances and avant-garde magazines.

ARTE offers high-quality programmes to 70% Europeans in their own language. ARTE programmes are broadcast in French and German 24 hours a day in HD quality on all screens. For 400 hours a year magazines, documentaries and shows are subtitled in English, Spanish, Polish and in Italian. This is a unique experience cofinanced by the European Union since 2015 "to foster EU integration through culture by providing new subtitled versions of selected TV programmes across Europe".

Italy: Amatrice After the Quake


In August 24, 2016, an earthquake in Italy killed 300 people and wiped a village off of the map. Hundreds of thousands of tons of debris still litter the Amatrice region in central Italy, one year after a devastating earthquake. Many survivors are still waiting to be rehomed, living in emergency housing. Less than 500 homes have been given, when 3800 more are needed.



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