A Very Small Point in History

Kosovo Youngsters (4/12)

Every Programmer is Needed

Kosovo Youngsters (1/12)

A Co-Existence of All Ethnic Groups

Kosovo Youngsters (2/12)

Overcoming Language Barriers

Kosovo Youngsters (3/12)

4 min

Music Instead of Stress

Kosovo Youngsters (5/12)

I Wanna Get Out of this Place

Kosovo Youngsters (6/12)

A Lost Minority

Kosovo Youngsters (7/12)

Defuse Land Mines, Save Lives

Kosovo Youngsters (8/12)

A Very Small Point in HistoryKosovo Youngsters (4/12)

Kosovo is the only state in Europe without visa liberalisation meaning very few can leave the country. Perparim Kryeziu was one of the lucky few able to study outside of the country with the Erasmus programme. He is determined to use his intellect and education to open up opportunities for young Kosovans.

Duration :

4 min

Available :

From 26/06/2019 to 11/05/2039

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