Square Artist

Charles Berling

Square Artist: Andreas Scholl, Countertenor

Carte Blanche to Régis Wargnier

Square Artist

Square Artist: Barmak Akram

Square Artist: Michel Bras

SQUARE Artist: Maria de Medeiros

26 min

Square Artiste: Bargeld

Carte Blanche to Blixa Bargeld

Square ArtistCharles Berling

We give Charles Berling, French actor, director and screenwriter, carte blanche. He takes us to Toulon, where he grew up and where he heads the Freedom Theatre. In a bus, he meets Dominique, who drives the line 1. The actor and director traces the story of this woman battered by life, but animated by an irrepressible energy. A tender and funny portrait.

Duration :

26 min

Available :

From 08/12/2021 to 14/04/2046

Genre :

Magazine Shows

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