Square Artist: Sibel Kekilli

Square Artist


Square Artist: Andreas Scholl, Countertenor

Carte Blanche to Régis Wargnier

Square Artist

Square Artist: Barmak Akram

Square Artist: Michel Bras

SQUARE Artist: Maria de Medeiros

Square Artist: Jim Rakete

Square Artiste: Bargeld

Carte Blanche to Blixa Bargeld

Square Artist: David Safier

Square Artist: Sibel Kekilli

Before, it was simple: there was selfishness or altruism. Either we got rich or we helped others. But now these binary divisions are fading. A supporter of effective altruism, the young philosopher William MacAskill proposes to go even further with "arithmetic altruism". This is, applying the concept of profitability to charitable contributions.

Duration :

26 min

Available :

From 13/11/2019 to 11/05/2025

Genre :

Magazine Shows

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