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ARTE Reportage

ARTE Reportage
Documentaries on important issues around the world, from human rights to the outcomes of elections
Documentaries on important issues around the world, from human rights to the outcomes of elections
France: (Re)Moving Refugees

19 JanSaturday 19 JanuaryFrance: (Re)Moving Refugees - ARTE ReportageAvailable on 19/01France: (Re)Moving RefugeesARTE ReportageAvailable on 19/01

Every three weeks, French police arrive in a forest just outside of Dunkirk in Northern France and expulse camped out refugees.
Afghanistan: Acrobats for Reconciliation

19 JanSaturday 19 JanuaryAfghanistan: Acrobats for Reconciliation - ARTE ReportageAvailable on 19/01Afghanistan: Acrobats for ReconciliationARTE ReportageAvailable on 19/01

Mini Circus for Children helps children in Kabul to build a future without violence. The school teaches children circus arts such as juggling, unicycling and clowning and practices a policy of bringing together different ethnic communities.
China: E-Commerce Villages

19 JanSaturday 19 JanuaryChina: E-Commerce Villages - ARTE ReportageAvailable on 19/01China: E-Commerce VillagesARTE ReportageAvailable on 19/01

In the Chinese province of Yunnan online shopping is drastically changing life in rural areas. Villagers who used to make a living from agriculture now sell artisanal products via the internet. Young entrepreneur Su Junping has made his fortune from selling silver teapots providing work for 300 people.
Sudan: Open for Business

20 JanSunday 20 JanuarySudan: Open for Business - ARTE ReportageAvailable on 20/01Sudan: Open for BusinessARTE ReportageAvailable on 20/01

In Sudan, scarred by civil war and corruption, starting a business is difficult: 60% of Sudanese are under 30 years old and many do not have stable work. They have no choice but to survive by doing odd jobs. A reality show is trying to change things by highlighting the best of Sudanese talent thinking up African solutions for African problems.