Train Like a Girl (3/4)Show Some Skin!

14 min

Available until 18/08/2025

Sports audiences feel entitled to see female competitors in various states of undress, but would never dream asking the same of their male peers. Sports commentators also happily continue to belittle and sexualise the athletes, commenting on their behinds and how attractive they are. The federations themselves also have a lot to answer for. Bikinis for women are mandatory in volleyball competitions, and tennis players must wear micro-mini-skirts. But being half-naked has little to do with actual sports performance, and everything to do with the ongoing inequalities in a sector where most decision-makers remain men.


Camille Juza


  • Camille Juza

  • Matthias Vaysse


  • Haut et Court Doc

  • Haut et Court TV





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