Twist is the cultural magazine show that visits a different European metropolis in each episode to take the pulse of its artistic scene.

Generation Corona

Culture@home #12

20 min

Ischgl - The Coronavirus Ski-Resort

Culture@home #11

21 min

Independent Theatre In Crisis

Culture@home #10

20 min

Art Drain in Berlin

Culture@home #9

20 min

What Artists Did in Lockdown

Culture@home #8

20 min

The Transformation of Wedding, and Algiers with Romain Laurendeau

Culture@home #7

19 min

Theatre in a Time of Coronavirus

Culture@home #6

20 min

Enri Canaj, Gereon Krebber and Sasha Waltz

Culture@home #5

19 min

Cameron Carpenter, Comic Books, Damien Hirst

Culture@home #4

18 min

Alicja Kwade & Zurich Theatre

Culture@home #3

19 min

The German Drive-Through and CJ Clarke's Photography

Culture@home #2

18 min