42: The Answer to Almost EverythingThe A***hole Effect

25 min

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Pushing to the front of a line, parking a car quickly on a bicycle lane, occupying seats on a train that do not belong to you - almost everyone is confronted with selfish behavior at some point in their lives. While minor instances of selfishness can be easily forgotten, when it becomes extreme and individuals become egomaniacs, they can cause significant harm to those around them. The extent of these selfish tendencies depends partly on genetics, partly on upbringing, and ultimately on the situation, according to psychologist Anne Böckler-Raettig from the University of Würzburg. Psychologist Morten Moshagen highlights that a certain degree of egoism is even necessary for our mental well-being, and together with colleagues, he has developed the "Dark Factor Test" to measure the degree to which we operate within a healthy, egoistic framework, versus when our behavior turns into something harmful and evil.


Caroline Hofmann





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