Politics and society

The European Collection

How do our neighbours in Europe view the pressing social issues of our time? What issues are they concerned with? Five partners, five languages and one joint project: The European Collection. As part of this project, ARTE, ARD, ZDF, France Télévisions and SRG SSR offer a joint selection of documentaries, reports and web formats on current issues in European politics and society.

The many faces of diversity

Together instead of against each other: how can we as a society overcome exclusion and create real participation?

Parents of the Book

44 min

The Streetsweeper Philosopher

26 min

The Life of a Young Person in Psychiatric Care

53 min

Çohu - Stand up! (1/3)

I am a human being!

16 min

The School for Philosophers

96 min

Belgium: Volunteer Gravediggers

ARTE Reportage

13 min

There is no planet B!

Climate protection, sustainability, taking responsibility: the younger generation is calling for a shift in mindset - and concrete action.

It's Our Time!

Time to Question

90 min

The Mass Dieback of Forests

45 min

The Legacy of the Glaciers

27 min

The Power of Waves


26 min

Climate Change Is Happening Now

Mapping the World

13 min

Wind Energy: Blessing or Curse?

44 min