Alexander Rodin: KaterynaA premiere by Odessa Opera

To mark the one-year anniversary of the war, ARTE Concert is screening Kateryna, a Ukrainian opera by Alexander Rodin, commissioned by Odessa Opera. Kateryna premiered at the Odessa opera house in September 2022, despite the Russian war of aggression. The premiere had originally been planned to coincide with World Theater Day on 27 March 2022.

To mark the anniversary of the beginning of the war, ARTE Concert is showing the Ukrainian opera "Kateryna", on 24 February 2023, a work commissioned by the Ukrainian composer Alexander Rodin. "Kateryna" was premiered in September 2022 at the Odessa Opera House despite the Russian war of aggression. The opera's premiere was scheduled for 27 March, World Theatre Day.

A public rehearsal for media representatives was to take place on 24 February. But then Russia's war against Ukraine began. Many of the theatre's staff enlisted in the army or joined the country's defence forces. Many also stayed in Odessa and found refuge from bombing in a bunker built under the theatre. For three months, the opera house was surrounded by barricades; in mid-June 2022, performances resumed under the most difficult conditions. On 17 September 2022, "Kateryna" could finally be premiered there.

It is the opera house's largest production since Ukraine's declaration of independence. The commissioned work is based on a poem by Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861), one of Ukraine's most important lyricists. The performance is partly on instruments specially developed for the opera, which imitate sounds of nature. 800 new costumes were designed and produced in Kharkiv.

"Kateryna" tells the story of a Ukrainian girl whose love is betrayed by a Russian soldier. In her despair, she leaves her child alone in the forest and drowns herself in the lake.

Recorded in October 2022 at the Odessa Opera House, Ukraine.


  • Oksana Taranenko

  • Serhii Zhulin


Vyacheslav Chernukho-Volich


  • Irina Kamenetska

  • Yuriy Dudar

  • Yulia Timakova

  • Yulia Subbotina

  • Kateryna Koryagina

  • Christian Nikulytsya

  • Vitaliy Galko

  • Margaryta Krasovska

  • Denys Bogachev

  • Kateryna Tsymbalyuk

  • Alina Tkachuk

  • Honoured Artist of Ukraine Vladyslav Gorai

  • Honoured Artist of Ukraine Olena Starodubtseva

  • Honoured Artist of Ukraine Dmytro Pavlyuk

  • Oleksandr Prokopovych

  • Yulia Tereshchuk

Choir director

  • Anastasia Garbuz

  • Larisa Garbuz

  • Valery Regrut


Oleksiy Sklyarenko


Igor Anisenko


Maksym Dyedov

Artistic supervision

Nadiya Babich

Sets / Set building

Dmytro Tsyperduk






128 min


From 24/02/2023 to 26/05/2023


Performance Art