Keeping the Faith

American Trip (10/10)

6 min

A Cowboy by Trump's Wall

American Trip (9/10)

Black and White

American Trip (8/10)

Serving Your Country

American Trip (7/10)

A Teenager in Politics

American Trip (6/10)

Green and Conservative

American Trip (5/10) 

Trump and the Maid

American Trip (4/10)

God Against Suicide

American Trip (3/10)

Keeping the FaithAmerican Trip (10/10)

Suleiman B. Masoud is Muslim like 1% of the El Paso population. Originally from Palestine, he feels integrated into American society although since Donald Trump’s election he is worried.

Duration :

6 min

Available :

From 06/03/2018 to 21/02/2038

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