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ARTE’s backstage

The daily life of ARTE, the European Culture Channel

ARTE is made up of three separate companies: the Strasbourg-based European Economic Interest Grouping, ARTE GEIE, plus two member companies acting as editorial and programme production centres, ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland TV GmbH.



Head office

ARTE is made up of three separate companies in France and Germany: the Strasbourg based European Economic Interest Grouping ARTE GEIE plus two member companies, ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland which are represented in ARTE GEIE’s decision making bodies.


European Partners

Partnership and Cooperation Agreements

The agreements of ARTE GEIE with other European public service broadcasters demonstrates ARTE’s commitment to broadcast programmes that bring Europe’s creativity and diversity to the fore.

ARTE also co-produces groundbreaking programmes with other television channels throughout the world, including the US public service broadcaster PBS with which ARTE has signed an agreement to co-produce documentaries.

ARTE European partners