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ARTE is made up of three separate companies: the Strasbourg-based European Economic Interest Grouping, ARTE GEIE, plus two member companies acting as editorial and programme production centres, ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland TV GmbH.

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ARTE’s headquarters – A hub at the heart of Europe

Located in Strasbourg, in the European quarter, ARTE GEIE’s head office is responsible overarching programme strategy, broadcasting, multilingual workflows, and co-ordinates the
communication activities. It also produces 20% of the programming, including news bulletins and co-productions with its European partner broadcasters. It is financed equally by ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland, which provide the majority of the programmes and are represented in ARTE GEIE’s the decision-making bodies.


Bruno Patino

Vice President

Heike Hempel

Programme Director

Ingrid Libercier

Administrative Director

Marysabelle Cote


The French member

ARTE France

Bruno Patino


Boris Razon

Editorial Director

Frédéric Béreyziat

General director in charge of resources

Soumaya Benghabrit

Director of human resources

Ingrid Libercier

Member of the Executive Board


European Partners

Partnership and Cooperation Agreements

The agreements of ARTE GEIE with other European public service broadcasters demonstrates ARTE’s commitment to broadcast programmes that bring Europe’s creativity and diversity to the fore.

ARTE also co-produces groundbreaking programmes with other television channels throughout the world, including the US public service broadcaster PBS with which ARTE has signed an agreement to co-produce documentaries.

One central office: ARTE GEIE in Strasbourg.
Two members: ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland.
The partners in Europe: Film Fund Luxembourg, RTÉ in Ireland, RTBF in Belgium, YLE in Finland, (TVP in Poland), LTV in Latvia, ČT in Czechia, LRT in Lithuania, ERT in Greece, ORF in Austria, SSR SRG in Switzerland, RAI Com in Italy and RTVE in Spain.