The French member, ARTE France

Shareholders: France Télévisions (45 %), French State (25 %), Radio France (15 %), INA* (15 %)

Acting as editorial and programme production centre, ARTE France is based in Issy-Les-Moulineaux near Paris. With ARTE Deutschland, it jointly finances and controls headquarters operations in Strasbourg, and represents its interests before ARTE GEIE’s decision-making bodies. The company is also responsible for submitting programme proposals and delivering programmes for approval by the Programme Committee, which are subsequently broadcast from Strasbourg.

In this context, ARTE France produces, co-produces and purchases programmes for ARTE. Production policy focuses primarily on promoting original, high-quality audiovisual work. Commissions from ARTE France contribute to sustaining a network of independent producers, while its co-productions ensure that the company is a major player in the film and television industry, both in France and across Europe.

A shareholder of TV5 Monde and partner with the Canadian cultural television channel Ici ARTV, ARTE France boosts the distribution of its programmes worldwide by making them available, to these and other channels, on a cooperative basis.


Two subsidiaries have been set up by ARTE France: the film company ARTE France Cinéma, and the audiovisual and publishing company ARTE France Développement, one of whose main tasks is marketing books and DVDs under the brand name ARTE Éditions.


*Institut National de l’Audiovisuel




11 October 2018