Programme Committee


The Programme Committee sets the channel’s editorial policy and drafts the programme schedule for submission to the General Assembly.

The Programme Committee convenes once a month in the Strasbourg headquarters, studies members’ and headquarters’ proposals and decides which of these programmes will be screened on ARTE. It is chaired by the Programme Director and includes three further representatives from the headquarters ARTE GEIE, two representatives each from ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland, and, in an advisory capacity, a representative from each European partner.

ARTE Deutschland and ARTE France submit programme proposals and deliver the programmes selected by the Programme Committee to the Strasbourg headquarters from where they are broadcast. In total, ARTE Deutschland and ARTE France each supply 40 % of the ARTE programmes. The remaining 20 % is provided by ARTE GEIE in Strasbourg and its European partners.

Progamme Director

Ingrid Libercier


23 January 2024