Ingrid Libercier

Programme Director of ARTE GEIE

Ingrid Libercier ©Frédéric Maigrot

Ingrid Libercier began her career in 1992 as Head of Acquisitions and Productions at Aquarelle.

She then became Production Manager for feature films and animated series at Dargaud Marina, a subsidiary of Groupe Dargaud – Media Participations.

She was subsequently recruited by Télé Images Kids, a subsidiary of Télé Images, initially as Production Manager, and was later appointed Head of Productions. When the production companies Télé Images Kids and Marathon Animation merged, she became Secretary General of Zodiak Kids Studio. At the same time, she held the post of Head of Finance for the Zodiak Media France group, with particular responsibility for the Documentaries and Feature Films sector.

In 2016, she left the Group to become Director of Operations for Boréales, a documentary production company.

Ingrid Libercier joined ARTE France in December 2017 as Director of Production and Acquisitions. She was a member of the ARTE Programme Advisory Committee from 2018 and a member of the ARTE Programme Conference from 2019. Since 2020, she has been member of the Executive Board of ARTE France and Chair of the Board of Directors of the subsidiary ARTE France Développement.

Since 15 June 2023, she has been Programme Director of ARTE GEIE at the broadcaster’s headquarters in Strasbourg.


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15 June 2023