ARTE Broadcast Programme Schedule

ARTE broadcasts its programmes 24 hours a day in France and in Germany. The offer is identical in both countries but the programme schedule is tailored to the different modes of audiovisual consumption and to the different “crossroads” on either side of the Rhine. Consequently, the schedule provides both audiences with clear reference points throughout the day.


Analysis, investigation and culture in all its various guises: the week on ARTE

During the day, the programme offers discovery, information and cinema, as well as daily reporting and analysis. At the end of the day, news takes pride of place with a news bulletin edited by a Franco-German team, together with magazine and reportage programmes that provide the keys to understanding the world’s major issues and analysing the flow of events. In the evening, each day has its own specific focus: heritage and genre films on Mondays, investigative reports on Tuesdays, arthouse films and documentaries on Wednesdays, TV series on Thursdays, and drama, concerts and pop culture on Fridays. And to round off the week, there are in-depth documentaries on Saturdays and feature films for the whole family on Sundays.

The platform showcases ARTE’s eclectic range, with hundreds of hours of programmes available in English, Spanish, Polish and Italian. On ARTE in English, you will find in-depth documentaries, reports on societal issues, original web series, concerts catering for all tastes on ARTE Concert, recordings from Europe’s most prestigious opera houses on ARTE Opera, European arthouse cinema on ArteKino, and ARTE Europe Weekly, a weekly news programme in English, French, German and Spanish.

ARTE also produces content for social media channels. For Twitch, TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat, ARTE is rolling out new types of narrative, short formats and interactive programmes that encourage dialogue and sharing with its communities. Not forgetting the documentaries, reports and web series broadcast on YouTube, especially the Documentary channel, which offers a wide range of content subtitled in English.


14 April 2023