Programme Advisory Committee of ARTE GEIE


The Programme Advisory Committee advises the Management Board and the General Assembly on programming issues. Its members, eight from Germany and eight from France, are leading personalities from civil society and the arts world. The associate European partners participate in an advisory capacity.

The Programme Advisory Committee is currently chaired by Axel Linstädt and Axel Françoise Benhamou.

French members German members
Françoise Benhamou (vice president)
Economist and Professor at the University of Paris XIII
Axel Linstädt (president)
Member of the BR Broadcasting Council, composer, former artistic director of the International Music Contest of ARD
Natacha Valla
Economist, Dean of the Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation
Prof Dr Maria Böhmer
President of the German Commission for UNESCO, seconded from the ZDF Supervisory Committee
Jean-Etienne Cohen-Séat
Jörn Dulige
Vice Chairperson of the HR Broadcasting Council, Commissioner of Protestant churches in Hesse
Bernard Faivre d’Arcier
Former senior civil servant in the Ministry of Culture
Prof Dr Dr Wolfgang Jäger
Seconded from the ZDF Supervisory Committee, Former President of the University of Freiburg
Judith Louis
Producer and Consultant
Juliane Kremberg
Member of the RBB Broadcasting Council, Berlin-Brandenburg Federation of Youth Organisations (Landesjugendring)
Aurélie Luneau
Historian and Radio producer
Oliver Passek
Seconded from the ZDF Supervisory Committee, film and media expert at the Ministry of science, research and art, Baden-Wurttemberg
Catherine Tasca
Former Secretary of Culture and Communication
Angela Spizig
Presenter for programmes on cinema and literature, seconded from the ZDF Supervisory Committee
Monique Veaute
Founder of the Romaeuropa Arte e Cultura Foundation
Sandro Witt
Member of the MDR Broadcasting Council, Vice Chairperson of the Federation of German Trade Unions’ Department in Hesse-Thuringia


European Partners (in an advisory capacity):
ČT, Film Fund Luxembourg, ORF, RAI Com, RTBF, RTÉ, SRG SSR, Yle


20 January 2021