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Seek, Scan, Tell

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The objects that populate our daily lives and the purposes they serve.

We use them to stay alive, communicate, go places and have fun. Objects keep track of time and abide through the past, present and future.

Bar Code is an interactive documentary, travelling installation and collaboration-facilitating platform where Internet users can stop and have a new look at everyday objects, play with them, and teach them new tricks. It is a place where you can explore who and what we are by finding out about the objects around us, in 100 films and dipping into insights from 30 French and Canadian filmmakers.


  • Coproduction - ARTE France & Office national du film du Canada & Quark Productions
  • Director - Tally Abecassis, Raphaëlle Benisty, Diego Briceño, Pascal Brouard, Julie Bonan, Geoffrey Boulangé, Marie Carpentier, Cédric Chabuel, Etienne Chaillou, Zoé Cohen-Solal, Lawrence Coté-Collins, Sophie Deraspe, Guillaume Fortier, Vali Fugulin, Vincent Furlin, Florian Geyer, Yan Giroux, Maryam Goormaghtigh, Blaise Harrison, Bonella Holloway, Pauline Horovitz, Jean-Baptiste, Huber Patric, Jean Jawal, Khayi Antoine, Laprise Cécile & Mille Evelyn Pasquel Guillaume Sylvestre Mathias Théry Sébastien Wielemans
  • Artistic director - Philippe Archontakis
  • Programming & Conception - Nicolas S. Roy
  • In partnership with le Monde


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