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The Merlies

A wonderfully decorated video game based on an original idea by Cosmografik

Lead your little birds community in a collective adventure to organize their society and find good balance among the remains of a forgotten civilization. Build your village ingeniously, gather your fellow Merlies to explore the world and uncover its secrets. Ready to take flight on this journey?

The Merlies is an adventure game based on exploration and building your own village: as you wander around, explore the surroundings, find scraps left by a lost civilization and assemble them ingeniously in order to bring comfort and harmony to your tribe.

This game conveys resilience, team spirit, hope and environmental awareness in stunning and refined graphics with a hand-made touch.

Explore the world with your squad of courageous Merlies and unlock unique skills. Will solidarity and courage be enough to explore the multiple biomes and unravel their mysteries?

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Technical Info & Short Credits

Video games
8 à 10h


Unique features

  • A tribute to resilience

    <p>The Merlies are seeking peace and harmony in this post-human world.</p>

  • A sparkling world

    <p>You control adorable birds in a colorful rural world waiting to be discovered.</p>

  • Cultivate and personalize your nest

    <p>Build wacky, ingenious buildings from the rubbish you find along the way.</p>

  • Strength in numbers

    <p>For our little Merlies, the outside world is full of obstacles that they will have to overcome by showing solidarity.</p>

Behind The Scenes