Bury me, my Love

A Story of Love, Hope and Migration

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Bury me, my Love : a reality-inspired interactive fiction designed for mobile phones.

Bury me, my love is an interactive drama that gives a powerful insight using instant messenger into the struggles of a young Syrian migrant on her flight to Europe. A tale about love, hope and exile, inspired by a true story.

Viewers step into the shoes of Majd and receive messages and notifications on their smartphones from Nour, Majd’s wife, who is keeping him informed of her journey’s progress. Viewers receive the messages, written like ordinary text messages, including smilies, emojis, selfies and photos, in “real” time throughout the programme. So when Nour sets off on a three-hour journey by boat, she is unavailable during this time and will send viewers a notification when she arrives. That is, if she needs their help once again. Viewers can track Nour’s progress using the map provided. Along the way, Nour will have to overcome many obstacles and doubts, and it will be up to the viewers to help her by choosing from among the on-screen suggestions.

A 30-minute episode depicting Nour’s day-to-day life and the reasons that made her leave is available on arte.tv.

Nominations and Awards

  • Award

    IndieCade Europe

    Developer's Choice

  • Award

    Play Indie Google Games Contest


  • Author - Pierre Corbinais & Florent Maurin
  • Illustrator - Matthieu Godet
  • Coproduction - The Pixel Hunt, Figs and ARTE France


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