The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature

An introspective adventure into the world of Mary Shelley.

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Featuring stunning art direction, reminiscent of watercolour paintings, the game will task players with writing their version of Mary Shelley's gothic classic.

In this exploration/adventure game, you play Frankenstein’s Creature, a being with no memory and past. At the start of the game you know neither Good, nor Evil, you are a blank soul in an adult body. By exploring the world, you will experience your emotions, develop and write the first pages of your story. When confronted with mankind, there will be no way to escape the question of your origins : Who abandoned you in this world? Hunted by this question The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature will take you on an adventure throughout Europe. Your experiences – some brutal and tragic, others joyful – as well as your choices, will bring you closer to the truth with every step. But will you be ready to face this truth?


Discover the astonishing genesis of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece with this playful experience mixing narrative game and exploration, available for free here.

You play the 18 year old Mary Shelley, confined by a raging storm to a villa by Lake Geneva and in the company of a bunch of young romantic artists: Percy Shelley, your controlling lover, the debauched and cynical poet Lord Byron, your jealous sister Claire and, finally, the pale author John Polidori (The Vampyre). In order to kill time, Byron launches a literary challenge. With their spirits clouded by wine and opium, everyone lets their imagination run wild and engages in a verbal sparring match involving literature, philosophy, religion and history. You have to speak up for yourself and tell your own story in a room full of famous detractors. And thus, Frankenstein’s Creature is born.Will you impose your personality or melt into the background, intimidated by your brilliant and knowledgeable companions?

Nominations and Awards

  • Honorable mention

    GDC 2019

  • Official selection

    A Maze festival, Berlin 2019

  • Official selection

    Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam 2019

  • Official selection

    Paris Games Week 2018

    Jeux Made in France

  • Official selection

    Utopiales, Nantes 2018

  • Nominee

    Indie Arena Booth (Cologne Gamescom 2018)

    Best Narrative Award


  • Producers - Cédric Bache and Laurent Checola
  • Screenwriter - Thibault De Corday
  • Creative director - Thomas Sandmeier
  • Artistic director - Charles Boury
  • Project Manager - Frédéric Sommer
  • Gameplay developer - Enki Londe
  • Tools programmer - Lorris Giovagnoli
  • 3D Animator - Alban Vilaseca
  • Composer, Audio designer - Alex Burnett
  • 3D Modeler - Boria Manual
  • Assistant game designer - Florian Jesuha
  • Assistant gameplay developer - Paul Perea
  • Coproduction - La Belle Games, ARTE France
  • Publisher - ARTE France


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