Frankenstein, birth of a myth

The prequel of the game that will be out in 2019

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Discover the astonishing story behind Mary Shelley's masterpiece through an experience combining narrative game and exploration

You will embody Mary, a delicate young woman just 18 years old confined to a villa near Lake Geneva with a small band of people associated with the Romantic movement: Percy Shelley, your paternalistic lover; Lord Byron, a debauched and cynical poet; Byron’s jealous sister Claire and the pale John Polidori.

To pass the time as the storm rages day after day, Byron issues a literary challenge. The players, their minds liberated by laudanum, let their imagination wander, engaging in verbal jousting that take in literature, philosophy, religion and history. You must join in, express your opinions and confront an unhappy past.

Will you impose your personality or melt into the background, intimidated by your brilliant and knowledgeable companions?

The game is scheduled for release in 2019, but in the meantime you can play the prologue for free, here.

Nominations and Awards

  • Indie Arena Booth (Cologne Gamescom 2018)


  • Producers - C├ędric Bache and Laurent Checola
  • Screenwriter - Thibault De Corday
  • Creative director - Thomas Sandmeier
  • Artistic director - Charles Boury
  • Produced by La Belle Games, in co-production with ARTE France


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