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Now more than ever. Life is short.

…We want it all. Right away!

Very very short is a collection of ten web-based interactive projects for smartphones, exploring the theme of mobility through very, very short experiences. The creators were selected by an international jury following a call for submissions by the NFB and ARTE, in collaboration with the IDFA DocLab.

The creators are from Belgium, Canada, France, Nigeria, Taiwan, USA, the Netherlands, Israel, Argentina and Brazil. They will make you want to dance, others will make you laugh, and some will make you think again about the relationship you have with your smartphone, yourself and even the world around you.

From 30 November 2017, every Thursday, a new “very, very short” project will be put online.
Check it out, available on smartphones only!

Bias – Our inherent bias drives everything from our relationships with other people to the news sources we choose to consume. Find out how it drives you.

Revolve – This immersive dance experience merges ritualistic traditions with our technology-centered reality.

The Paper Sail – You’re invited to fold a simple piece of paper, place it on the surface of your screen, and raise your anchor for unknown destinations.

Where is home? – An Instagram-based project that interrogates people’s understanding and experiences of home. It’s a chance to reflect on a fundamental concept that’s often taken for granted.

Carrier Pigeon – A poetic interpretation of the simple acts you perform every day with your smartphone, such as sending an e-mail, liking a picture or sharing a post.

A Temporary Contact – A short mobile documentary takes you on a long bus trip to prison. To get on the bus, subscribe and you will receive messages through WhatsApp.

Stir – A personalized wake-up service in which you can register to be either the awakener or the awakened.

Sleep Together – In this VR group experience for people who are about to hit the sack, users go through a series of sleep rituals with other fellow sleepers.

FlipFly – An interactive web app that gives users the chance to play with that toy plane from their childhood.

Viral Advisor – Through the wonder of machine learning comes an app that selects the photo in your smartphone with the highest potential of going viral.


  • Bias - Nicolas S. Roy, Rebecca West & Catherine D’Amours (Canada)
  • Revolve - Bram Loogman (Netherlands) & Joaquin Wall (Argentina)
  • FlipFly - Lucile Cossou, Gabriel Dalmasso (Brazil) & Rémy Bonté-Duval (France)
  • Carrier Pigeon - Folklore - Marc-Antoine Jacques & David Mongeau-Petitpas (Canada)
  • Sleep Together - Laura Juo-Hsin Chen (Taiwan)
  • Stir - Rebecca Lieberman & Julia Irwin (USA)
  • The Paper Sail - Cosmographik & Gaeel, in collaboration with Ex Nihilo (France)
  • Viral Advisor - Dries Depoorter (Belgium) & David Surprenant (Canada)
  • Where is home? - Ifeatu Nnaobi (Nigeria)
  • A Temporary Contact - Sara Kolster (Netherlands) & Nirit Peled (Israel)


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