Planet ∞

A phantasmagorical adventure

Planet ∞ preview image

A movie in 360° with spatial sound, by Momoko Seto

A dystopian tale by artist and filmmaker Momoko Seto. In the near future, Nature has turned wild and devastated Planet Earth. Human beings have become extinct. But insects, fungi and strange marine creatures have survived and are engaged in strange doings. Is this the stuff of science fiction or is it a prophetic vision? You will no longer look at animals and plants in the same way.

Download the ARTE360 VR-App for the full immersive experience: iOS, Android, GearVR.

Nominations and Awards

  • Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017

    Official Selection

  • Audience award

    FNC Explore Films 2017

    Virtual Reality


  • Réalisation et scénario - Momoko Seto
  • Production déléguée - François Martin Saint Léon - Barberousse Films
  • Coproduction - ARTE France, Barberousse Films, Awkeye
  • Avec la participation du CNC
  • Supervision VFX et VR - Augustin Gwinner
  • Composition 3D - Mihai Grecu
  • Musique originale - Yann Leguay
  • Photographie - Elie Leve
  • Tournage 360° et stitching - Pierre Schollier, Loulwa Beydoun, Florentin Zweideck
  • Bruitage - Eric Grattepain
  • Montage son et mixage - Neotopy


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