Notes on Blindness

A journey into a world beyond sight

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"Notes on Blindness : Into Darkness" is an immersive virtual reality (VR) project based on John Hull’s sensory and psychological experience of blindness released alongside the feature film.

The multi-awarded narrative VR experience is now available on Oculus Quest. ARTE gives you the opportunity to discover and rediscover Notes On Blindness, an emotional journey into a world beyond sight.

In 1983, after decades of steady deterioration, John Hull became totally blind. To help him make sense of the upheaval in his life, he began documenting his experiences on audio cassettes. These original diary recordings create the basis of this interactive non-fictional narrative which is a cognitive and emotional experience of blindness. Storytelling, art direction and graphical universe form a unique and singular immersion, completed by movement tracking, spacialized sound and controller interactions.

Produced by Ex Nihilo, Arte France in co-production with Archer’s Mark. Executive Producer, Novelab Audiogaming. Supported by TFI New Media Fund and Ford Foundation – JustFilms, CNC and Région Midi-Pyrénées.

Nominations and Awards

  • Winner

    Prix Europa 2016

    Best Web Project

  • Audience award

    FNCeXPlore 2016

  • Winner

    Kaleidoscope World Tour 2016

    Best Experimental Experience

  • Storyscapes Award

    Festival du Film de Tribeca 2016

  • Winner

    Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016

    Alternate Realities VR

  • Finalist

    SXSW 2017

    Innovation AR/VR

  • Winner

    Trophée des Apps 2017

    Meilleur Service Mobile de vidéo 360° ou de réalité augmentée

  • Winner

    Miami Interactive FilmGate 2017

    Best interactive experience


  • Based on the feature documentary Notes on Blindness by Peter Middleton & James Spinney
  • Production - Ex Nihilo, ARTE France, Archer’s Mark
  • Executive producer - Novelab, Atlas V
  • With the support of TFI New Media Fund and Ford Foundation – JustFilms Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (CNC) Région Midi-Pyrénées
  • Creative Director - Arnaud Colinart, Amaury La Burthe, Peter Middleton & James Spinney
  • Artistic director - Béatrice Lartigue, Fabien Togman & Arnaud Desjardins
  • Creative coder - Robin Picou
  • Sound design and programming - Florent Dumas & Thomas Couchard
  • Producer - Arnaud Colinart, David Coujard, Mike Brett et Jo - Jo Ellison
  • Executive producer and audio director - Amaury La Burthe
  • Projet assistant - Landia Egal & Corentin Lambot
  • VR Representative - Vincent Dondaine & Fred Volhuer


  • Narrator - John Hull


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