I, Philip

Philip K. Dick in virtual reality

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An immersive 360° experience and virtual reality

In early 2005, David Hanson, an American robotics, is developing its first android human. His name is Phil and it is simply the copy of the famous science fiction author Philip K. Dick. In a few weeks Phil became famous on the Web and in the author’s fan circles. It is presented in several conferences around the world. In late 2005, the head of the android disappeared during a flight America West Airlines between Dallas and Las Vegas. Through the memories of the android and those of the author, the film offers an interpretation of Phil’s life.

Nominations and Awards

  • Winner

    3D Korea International Film Festival 2016

    Grand Prix VR Movie

  • Winner

    Monte Carlo TV Festival 2016

    Contech Academy Award

  • Winner

    360 Film Festival

    360 Film Festival Award 2016

  • Winner

    Webprogram Festival 2016

    Web-fiction Jury Prize

  • Winner

    Forum Screen4All 2016

    Best VR Fiction

  • Winner

    Festival Courant 3D

    Main VR Professional Jury Prize

  • Winner

    Laval Virtual 2016

    Firm Favourite


  • Director - Pierre Zandrowicz
  • Writing - Rémi Giordano, Pierre Zandrowicz
  • Production - Antoine Cayrol
  • Cinematography - Jean-Baptiste Villechaize
  • Coproduction - Okio Studios, ARTE France
  • In association with Saint-George Studio, Headspace Studio
  • With the participation of CNC, ADAMI


  • David Hanson - Nathan Rippy
  • Claris - Dounia Sichov
  • David Holney - Doug Rand
  • Felicia - Hélène Kuhn


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