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An interactive documentary series about our changing relationship to work and money

Imagine this: a world where we all receive a set amount of money every month – a basic income with no strings attached and no questions asked. Would you stop working? Would your life be any different?

The idea has proponents and opponents on both sides of the political spectrum and around the planet – even though nobody knows all that much about its actual implications. Can you trust people when you give them money without asking them for anything in return? Who should pay for a basic income for a society’s most vulnerable members? Is basic revenue an answer for the millions of people whose jobs will be jeopardized by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation? 

The creators of the series – Margaux Missika and Yuval Orr – travelled to Israel, Kenya, Japan, the United States and beyond to report on six out-of-the-ordinary initiatives that involve wages without work (at least what we’d consider “normal” work).

The creators ask amusing and thought-provoking questions (“Would you go to work if you didn’t have to?” or “Are you afraid a robot might do your job some day?”) to guide viewers through the interactive experience, where your answers determine the order i nwhich you view the episodes.

And they take it one step further – with a last episode in augmented reality (the mobile app will go online in January 2019) that provides users with the opportunity to try and increase their basic income by teaching human emotions to an AI bot. In a future where joblessness is the new normal, will we end up missing work?

An experimental version of the site was designed for people with disabilities (audio descriptions for users with visual impairments, closed captioning for users with hearing impairments).

Nominations and Awards

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    Interactive Content

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    Prix Europa

    Digital Media Project Category


  • Directors - Yuval Orr, Malika Zouhali-Worrall, Hyoe Yamamoto, and Peter Murimi
  • Authors - Yuval Orr, Malika Zouhali-Worall, Hyoe Yamamoto, Peter Murimi, Toni Kamau and Auriane Meilhon
  • Producers - Margaux Missika, Alexandre Brachet, and Gregory Towerbridge
  • A coproduction with ARTE France, Upian, BR, VPRO and HAMSA FILMS


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