The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature

Write your own version of Mary Shelley's classic novel in a narrative adventure game with a captivating beauty.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature preview image

Featuring stunning art direction, reminiscent of watercolour paintings, the game will task players with writing their version of Mary Shelley's gothic classic.

A fresh look at the myth of Frankenstein

Play as the Creature, a wanderer without memory or past, a virgin spirit in a completely fabricated body. To forge the destiny of this artificial being who is ignorant of both Good and Evil, you will have to explore the vast world and experience joy and sorrow.

Dr. Frankenstein’s founding myth is once again revealed in all its glory through the innocent eyes of his creature. A thousand miles from the horror stories, here is a sensitive wander in the shoes of a pop icon.

A breathtaking artistic direction

Imbued with a dark romanticism, the game’s universe draws its astonishing beauty from 19th century paintings. Through evolving landscapes, the boundary between reality and fiction fades and the novel comes to life. Powerful and original, the soundtrack highlights the Creature’s feelings of wanderlust.

Explore your emotions and write your story

One choice after another, feel your way towards your destiny. Confronted with humans, you will no longer be able to escape the question of your origins. Who gave you life? This introspective quest will take you on an adventure across Europe. Bitter or pleasant, your experiences will bring you closer to the truth. Will you be ready to face it?

Nominations and Awards

  • Best Narrative Award

  • Official selection

  • Official selection

  • Official selection

  • Honorable mention

    GDC 2019

  • Official selection

    A Maze festival, Berlin 2019


  • Producers - Cédric Bache and Laurent Checola
  • Screenwriter - Thibault De Corday
  • Creative director - Thomas Sandmeier
  • Artistic director - Charles Boury
  • Project Manager - Frédéric Sommer
  • Gameplay developer - Enki Londe
  • Tools programmer - Lorris Giovagnoli
  • 3D Animator - Alban Vilaseca
  • Composer, Audio designer - Alex Burnett
  • 3D Modeler - Boria Manual
  • Assistant game designer - Florian Jesuha
  • Assistant gameplay developer - Paul Perea
  • Coproduction - La Belle Games, ARTE France
  • Publisher - ARTE France


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