Fort McMoney

At the heart of the oil industry

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Hit the road, explore the area and take control of the town's destiny

Fort McMoney is a virtual replica of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. The Game, which is also a documentary, take place at the heart of the world’s third largest oil reserve.

Allow your vision of the world to shape the destiny of the Fort McMoney. Each action you make earns you influence points, giving you extra leverage. You will be participating in a collective experience, playing alongside users from across the globe.

Nominations and Awards

  • Winner

    Canadian Screen Awards

    Best interactive production for digital media

  • Nominated

    Italia for Web

    Best digital story-telling


  • A documentary game by David Dufresne
  • A coproduction from TOXA and ONF in association with ARTE France
  • With the participation of Canada Media Fund


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