Farewell Comrades

An interactive journey in the Soviet Bloc.

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Experience daily life behind the Iron Curtain.

The personal stories and fates of 30 people, captured in the postcards they sent from 1975 to 1991. Their correspondence tells stories about travels, detention, severed ties, struggles and spying, peppered with love, culture and rock ’n’ roll.

The postcards are the gateways you can use to browse an extraordinary collection of personal and official archives – about 100 documents commented by historians – adding up to a journey through space and time in the Communist bloc.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to experience the biggest turning point in late-20th-Century history – the Soviet empire’s collapse – from the inside.


  • Director - Sergiey Bukowski
  • Author - György Dalos & Jean François Colosimo
  • Production - Artline Films & Gebrüders beetz films prod


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