Expedition Antarctica

Discover the backstage of this exceptional shooting!

Expedition Antarctica preview image

Fly above an icy ocean and crystal clear water, dive under the glaciers and swim near the Weddell seals and Empereur penguins like you were there.

These three immersive programs filmed along the sides of explorers will enable you to share their emotions and feelings, as you will be experiencing their mastery of the image, their language of documentarists and photographers.

With Luc Jacquet on the tracks of the Empereur penguin – symbol of the Antarctica life ; Vincent Munier, alone and in touch with an endemic fauna he dedicated his photography to ; and Laurent Ballesta for a dive-in session under an icy ocean, for the discovery of an unknown biodiversity.



  • Réalisation - Luc Jacquet et Jeanne Guillot
  • Production - Paprika Films et Wild-Touch Production


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