Do Not Track

Everything about tracking and web economy

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Discover what the Web knows about you ... by sharing your data with us

This documentary series will explore how information about you is collected and used. We want to explore what this means to you, your family and your friends. From our mobile phones to social networks, personalized advertising to big data, each episode will have a different focus, a different voice and a different look. What do they have in common? While you watch, they will use the methods and tools trackers use to track you. We want you to not only understand but experience what tracking means. We want to help you understand the exchange of value when you volunteer information online. We want you to know when it’s happening without your permission. We want you to be in control, and we want to pique your curiosity.


  • Director - Brett Gaylor
  • Authors - Vincent Glad, Zined Dryef, Richard Gutjahr, Christiane Miethge, Sandra Rodriguez, Akufen, Virginie Raisson
  • Original music - Jason Staczek
  • Co-production - ARTE France, Upian, ONF, BR
  • With the participation of Radio-Canade, AJ+, RTS
  • With the help of Eye Steel Films,, et Cookiepedia
  • With the support of du CNC, du Fonds nouveaux médias du TFI et de la Fondation Ford


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