A collection of experiences in 360° and VR

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From Caravaggio to Munch's The Scream, taking in Bruegel, Monet, Manet, Böcklin and Henri Rousseau – a collection of VR experiences that transport the spectator into the heart of some of the world's most famous paintings.

How can we approach a masterpiece without being dazzled by its golden aura? How can we avoid being intimidated by its prestige and the prior knowledge we are supposed to possess? How can we acquire the familiarity that lets us grasp something seemingly beyond our reach? The Arte Trips collection offers a series of virtual reality experiences taking the spectator to the other side of the looking glass to discover these works from the inside, learn the stories they tell, understand the artists’ intentions, penetrate their imaginary universe and feel something of the grace or demons that inspired their art.

Seven experiences that use digital creation, 360° film, animation and video game codes to take the spectator on a journey blending narrative and game, looking and perceiving, understanding and wonder. In an increasingly digital visual universe, the ARTE Trips collection aims to bring together new technologies, great art and digital creation.

The virtual reality headset takes the spectator into a parallel universe where familiarity with the work is gained through the senses, where a painting becomes something to experience, a captivating and playful space full of stories and mysteries that banish our inhibitions.
No need to know Caravaggio to experience and share the thrilling emotions he sought in the labyrinthine back streets of Rome. The demons and ghosts of Munch’s Scream invade the room in which you stand. You can approach the gates of hell where the world disintegrates into Apocalypse, as Charon transports you in his boat to the Isle of the Dead.

Virtual reality goes back in time and circumvents the rules. Spend a night in the Jardin des Plantes with the ghost of Henri Rousseau and share his psychedelic visions, or become one of the 200 children invading a medieval town in the painting by Bruegel the Elder. Accept Monet’s invitation to Giverny to share his obsession with gardening and watch the water lilies spring from his palette of colours. Visit the bar of the Folies Bergère for a face-to-face encounter with the enigmatic barmaid Suzon.

With virtual reality, the painting draws the spectator in; the play of scales and proportions (the spectator is immersed among the characters) creates new perceptions (different perspectives, parallax) and the stories told introduce us to a universe where historical knowledge is no longer something abstract.

Each of these experiences includes a documentary component describing an artist, a context and an intention, but the sensory dimension is paramount – you experience the painting through your senses rather than the words of an art historian, an approach that increases your desire to view the work itself.


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