A futuristic short fiction in virtual reality

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A poetic foray to the future

Alexandro volunteers for a dream experiment. He is not aware that the scientists will inject him with Elsa, an Artificial Intelligence which will digitize and take over his subconscious to help her turn into a human being.

Avalaible on the ARTE360 VR-App and for the full immersive experience, on Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

Nominations and Awards

  • Finalist

    Tribeca Film Fest 2017

  • Winner

    Paris Virtual Film Festival 2017

    Prix spécial du jury

  • Winner


    Cinematic narrative VR Experience

  • Audience award


  • Audience award

    Sitges Festival

  • Winner

    FNC Explore Films 2017

    French work

  • Winner

    VR Days Amsterdam

    Halo Awards - Cinematic

  • Winner

    360 Film Festival

  • Winner (Reflet d'Or)

    Geneva International Film Festival

    International VR Films Competition

  • Winner


    Innovation Prize


  • Director - Jérôme Blanquet
  • Screenwrite - Jérôme Blanquet et Yann Apperry
  • Executive Producer - Antoine Cayrol, Pierre Zandrowicz, Maxime Gallet et Jérémy Rochigneux
  • First Assistant Director - Gary Brocaud
  • Casting - Juliette Ménager
  • Director of Photography - Baptiste Chesnais
  • VFX and Post-production - Saint-George Studio
  • Original music - Jean-François Blanquet
  • Sound - Schmooze
  • Mix and Spatialization - Aspic
  • App Development - Vertical
  • Co-Production - ARTE France, Okio Studio, Metronomic, Saint-George Studio
  • With the participation of CNC, Audi Talent Awards, Procirep - Angoa, Magelis, Pictanovo, Mairie de Paris


  • Alexandro - Bill Skarsgård
  • Elsa - Pom Klementieff
  • Nadia - Lizzie Brocheré
  • Dr March - Amira Casar
  • Young Elsa - Coco Lee-Bolis
  • Young Alexandro - Jonah Daniels


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