I Saw The Future

A cathode prophecy

I Saw The Future preview image

“I Saw The Future” invites the viewer to plunge into a three-dimensional space reflecting the futuristic predictions of Arthur C. Clarke.

In 1964, Arthur C. Clarke revealed his vision of the future to the cameras of the BBC. The British author, famous for having collaborated with Stanley Kubrick on the screenplay for “2001 A Space Odyssey”, looked forward with extraordinary precision to the changes brought about today by the advent of the digital era. The futuristic visions of Arthur C. Clarke and the texture of the archive are seamlessly integrated into this 360 video, which offers an amazing journey through time.

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Nominations and Awards

  • Nomination

    Venice Film Festival

    Venice VR

  • Competition

    Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival 2019

    Special programs


  • Directed, writed and edited by François Vautier
  • Based on BBC HORIZON with Arthur C Clarke / Getty Images
  • Music - Pascal Bantz
  • Production crew - Valentine Theret, Aurelien Lesné, Jeremy Sahel
  • Lab - Small by Mac Guff
  • Production - DA Prod
  • With participation of ARTE France
  • International sales and festivals - MK2 films & VR


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