Condemned to Play

Why have 200 children invaded a Medieval town?

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In 1560, Bruegel the Elder produced an intriguing painting: two hundred children literally invade a Flemish town. Projected into the heart of Bruegel's work, you move from one group of children to another – the young inhabitants of the painting seem troubled by a disappearance.

This immersive experience brings us into extraordinarily close contact with the characters peopling the painting “Die Kinderspiele” who we see on a different scale, as if we ourselves have changed size to join them in their children’s games. We are no longer in the museum or standing in front of an almost 500-year-old oil-on-wood painting, but plunged into the joyous confusion of a children’s playground.

“1, 2, 3 Bruegel”, an interactive experience based on the same painting, will be available in early 2019 on Viveport, Oculus and Steam.


  • Based on the painting : "Die Kinderspiele" - Pieter Bruegel the Elder
  • Directed by - Andrés Jarach - Gordon
  • Script - Marie Sellier
  • Original Music - Etienne Charry - Forever
  • Coproduction - ARTE France - Camera Lucida


  • Florian Clyde
  • Anna Dramski
  • Clara Drews
  • Anni C. Salander
  • Aliana Schmitz
  • Yasemin Tolaz
  • Rachel Williams


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