A child of violence

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“The day she decided to leave her gang, her gang decided to kill her.”

Alma (26) belonged to one of Guatemala’s most violent gangs for five years. The day she decided it was time to move on, her fellow bangers decided it was time to execute her. She escaped, barely, and is still wheelchair-bound today. Her confession, as a former criminal, captures the out-of-control violence that is plaguing her country.

This web documentary, which Upian and Agence VU’ set in motion, is subtly interactive and sways between Alma’s confession looking you straight in the eye and an assortment of photos, videos and drawings that bring her memories and story to life.

Nominations and Awards

  • Winner

    World Press Photo 2013

    Interactive documentary

  • Winner

    Grime Online Award

  • Winner

    Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013


  • Winner

    IDFA DocLab 2013

    Digital sorytelling


  • A web documentary by Miquel Dewever-Plana and Isabelle Fougère.
  • Coproduction - ARTE France, Upian, Agence VU'
  • Production - Alexandre Brachet, Margaux Missika, Gregory Trowbridge
  • Creative direction - Sébastien Brothier
  • Photographs and videos - Miquel Dewever-Plana
  • Texts and Interview - Isabelle Fougère
  • Illustration - Hugues Micol
  • Animation - Jérôme Gonçalvès
  • Flash developpement & production - David Després, Maxime Quintard
  • With the particpation of CNC, Tribeca Film Institute, FNAC, WorldView, Le Bec en l'Air, Blume
  • With the particpation of TF1 New Media Fund et la Fondation Ford
  • In partnership with Télé, Rue89, France Info,,


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