Group Project

The Group Project for 2012−2015, approved by the General Assembly at the end of 2011, set out a strategic road map for the Channel to develop within a changing media and technology environment. The Group Project will help to strengthen cohesion and coordination between the Channel’s various entities by optimising the resources allocated in the COM concluded with the French State and the resources requested from KEF, the independent committee tasked with assessing the financial requirements of public broadcasting in Germany.

These strategic guidelines are translated each year into specific operational measures, with a quantitative and qualitative review twice a year. ARTE has defined the following goals for the period 2012-2016:

  • to be a multi-media benchmark for culture and creativity in Europe,
  • to strengthen the Channel’s European identity,
  • to consolidate ARTE’s reach and quality,
  • to enhance the ARTE brand and Channel content,
  • and to strengthen the ARTE Group.


ARTE GEIE implements internal and external audit functions. Within the company, there is a strict principle that persons authorised to issue instructions do not also release payments. The financial rules provide for tender procedures in accordance with EU law and for an independent internal audit function to review structures and procedures of ARTE GEIE.

Management oversight is the responsibility of the two internal auditors elected at the General Assembly (Dr Markus Nievelstein, Managing Director of ARTE Deutschland, and Frédéric Béreyziat, Director of Administration and Coordination of ARTE France). The annual financial statements are audited externally by an auditing company elected at the General Assembly.

An external audit of the Management Board is being performed by an external auditing company. It has been appointed to assess the way in which the resolutions voted at the General Assembly are implemented, and if the Management Board complies with all applicable legal provisions, directives and internal rules throughout its term of office. It will also seek to establish whether management has acted in an effective and economical manner, as well as whether the existing risk management and detection systems are effective.


Ethics alert mechanism

Law no. 2016-1691 of 9 December 2016 relating to transparency, the prevention of corruption and modernization of the economy, known as “Sapin 2”, created a general system for the protection of whistleblowers.

With effect from 1 January 2018, this law requires any public or private organisation with at least 50 employees to put a clear, accessible and secure alert mechanism in place.

ARTE guarantees that every member of staff or occasional external collaborator faced with a situation that is contrary to the procedures, laws or regulations applicable to ARTE GEIE has the right, in complete confidence, to alert his or her management, or a dedicated contact such as the compliance officer, without fear of reprisal.

The reporting procedure is accessible to all. The compliance officer can be contacted directly at the following address:

Download the reporting procedure.


3rd July 2018