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To Hell With the Ugly

A game co-produced by ARTE France and La Poule Noire, 2023

"To Hell With the Ugly" is an adventure game adapted from the novel of the same name by Boris Vian. Play the part of Rock Bailey, a young man as handsome as he is superficial and who has been kidnapped outside a jazz club. Navigate the bar fights and the police investigation to help Rocky shed light on his abduction.
In "To Hell With the Ugly", you play the part of Rock Bailey, a devastatingly handsome blond who systematically refuses all sexual advances: he is stubbornly saving himself for his 20th birthday. After being drugged by a poisoned cigarette outside the Zooty Slammer jazz club, he wakes up in a strange hospital. Determined to track down his kidnappers, Rocky will find himself involved in an amazingly intricate plot. Help Rocky shed light on his abduction, and find out who is behind this terrible intrigue.

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    Technical Info & Short Credits

    Video games
    Sound Designer
    Clément Duquesne
    David Duriot
    2D Artist
    Amélie Guinet
    Adrien Marchand
    2D Animator
    Gaëlle Roques
    Game/Narrative Designer
    Fiona Rosette
    ARTE France, La Poule Noire


    Unique features

    • An investigation in the Los Angeles of the 1950s

      An original artistic direction using traditional animation and paying tribute to the great era of film noir.

    • A variety of gameplay mechanics

      Alternate between interaction, combat, infiltration and exploration.

    Nominations and awards

    • SelectedGames made in France 2021
    • SelectedAG French Direct
    • SelectedGames made in France 2022
    • SelectedDreamhack Beyond

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