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The Dreams of Henri Rousseau

Late afternoon in the greenhouse of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. A curious visitor stays behind after the gardens close. But the place is haunted by the ghost of Henri Rousseau and the spectator tumbles suddenly into a dream peopled by the characters, animals and plants imagined by Henri Rousseau.
Rousseau thrilled the art world with his naive and almost psychedelic visions of exotic jungles. The artist, who never left Paris, drew his inspiration from the city's botanical gardens. Experience a magical night in a tropical greenhouse brought to life by the painter's visions. Once the last visitors have left, the greenhouse reveals its secrets with the gradual emergence of a dream-like world of fantastic plants and imaginary animals.

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    Technical Info & Short Credits

    7 minutes
    Based on the painting : "The Dream"
    Henri Rousseau knows as Le Douanier
    Written and Directed by
    Nicolas Autheman
    Original Music
    Fabien Bourdier
    ARTE France - Les Films du Tambour de Soie


    Henri Rousseau
    Paul Mark Elliot