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Dive into Indian tales by following the spiritual journey of Svetaketu. Guided by his master, this young soldier undertakes an initiatory quest. But the path to self-knowledge is punctuated with inner demons to vanquish and puzzles to solve. Will you be able to triumph over them and finally reach wisdom?

Embark on a mystical quest in a dreamlike universe inspired by oriental mythology. You are Svetaketu, a fearsome and proud archer, a tiger among men. Tired of war, you want to detach yourself from the material world to reach the supreme wisdom. You will have to show perspicacity, the road to the flames of knowledge is strewn with trials: get inspired by the precepts of the spiritual master to…

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Technical Info & Short Credits

Video games
Documentary, Fiction
La Générale de Production, ARTE France
Creative Producer
Ana-Maria de Jésus
Sound Design
Guillaume Noisette
Project Managers
James Blackshaw
Graphic Designs
Côme Jalibert
Graphic Integration
Samson Auroux
Narrative Design
Patrick Crespy / Julien Guintard
Level Design for Puzzles
Jonathan Peunot
Special Effects Manager
Gaeel Bradshaw
Concept Arts
Benoit Bayart
Responsable effets spéciaux
Gaeel Bradshaw
Concept Artist
Benoit Bayart