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Raï is not dead

A documentary series directed by Simon Maisonobe

From Oran to Barbès and from Cheikha Remitti to Khaled, Hadj Sameer - collector, DJ and cratedigger - backtracks the turbulent history of raï music, whose hits submerged the planet in the 1980s and 1990s. Between France and Algeria, a journey through a legendary soundtrack recounting the beginnings of a defiant, hybrid musical genre that keeps evolving.

What musical genre can boast of making the transition from a secret cabaret in Oran to the Super Bowl halftime show in just fifty years? The raï wave, which originated in Algeria at the close of World War II, went from the cabarets of western Algeria to Barbès in Paris before taking over the world towards the end of the 1980s. Through its fusion of styles, this intoxicating music made its way…

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    Technical Info & Short Credits

    6 x 17min
    Live action
    Presented by
    Samir Djaber
    Simon Maisonobe
    Simon Maisonobe et Grégoire Belhoste
    ARTE France, ZED


    Unique features

    • From Oran to Barbès and from Cheikha Remitti to Khaled

      A look back at the tumultuous course of raï, whose hits took the planet by storm in the 1980s and 1990s

    • A mission for Hadj Sameer :

      To create the ultimate raï mixtape

    Nominations and awards

    • WinnerFestival de LuchonShort series