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Missing Pictures

A documentary series in VR

For every movie made, dozens of pictures remain missing forever. MISSING PICTURES gives directors a chance to tell the story that would otherwise never be told.

Each episode invites one filmmaker to narrate some key points of the movie, why the movie was so important for them at the time and why it was never made. Episode 1: Abel Ferrara, Birds of Prey (USA) ​​In this episode, we meet long-time independent American filmmaker Abel Ferrara. 'Birds of Prey' would have been the political thriller of his dreams…until it all fell apart. The neo-noir,…

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    Technical Info & Short Credits

    Documentary, Fiction
    5x9 min
    Directed by
    Clément Deneux
    Episode 2 co-produced with
    Kuan-Yuan LAI
    Episode 4 co-produced with
    Lee Myung-Se
    Based on an original idea by
    Joseph Beauregard
    Abel Ferrara, Tsai Ming-Liang, Catherine Hardwicke, Lee Myung-Se, Naomi Kawase
    Music by
    Thomas Foguenne
    Antoine Cayrol, Oriane Hurard, Estela Valdiviesco Chen, Adam Cullen Young
    A co-production
    Atlas V, Arte France, BBC, Serendipity, PTS Taiwan, Wild Fang Films, GIIOII
    With the support of
    TAICCA, CNC, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Pictanovo, Procirep-Angoa, Film Fund Luxembourg, RAPA

    Unique features

    • Stories that were never brought to the screen

      The filmmakers explain why they are so attached to these films and the reasons why they did not see the light of day.

    • Innovative art direction

      Filmed in volumetric capture, the filmmakers are then integrated into the VR experience in real-time animation.

    Nominations and awards

    • SelectionTribeca 2021 Tribeca immersive official selection
    • SelectionTaipei Film Festival
    • SelectionBFI LONDON
    • SelectionSANDBOX immersive festival