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INUA – A story in ice in time

A game produced in collaboration with The Pixel Hunt and IKO

A supernatural tale inspired by incredible historical facts.

Inua is a mystical point and click adventure about three protagonists with intertwined fates, living decades apart in the Great North. Explore the mysterious Canadian far north, navigate through time and interact with past events to modify the present. Manipulate their minds and restore the original balance of life. Embody the spirit of Nanurluk in her quest to restore the natural cycle of the…

Demo available on the following platforms

Available on these platforms

Technical Info & Short Credits

Video games
IKO, The Pixel Hunt
Natalie Frassoni, Frédéric Bouvier, Thomassie Mangiok
Delegate Producer
Florent Maurin
Delegate Producer
Igal Kohen
Lead Developer, Game Designer
Armel Gibson
Artistic Director, 2D/3D Artist
Delphine Fourneau
Narrative Design, Dialogues
Garreth Owen
Project Manager
Nadège Carlier
Project Manager
Antoine Fournier
Sound Designer
Swann Ménage
Unity Developer
Julio Quiroz, Jonatan Van Hove
Tanya Tagaq
Inuit consulting
Monica Ittusardjuat, Billy Gauthier


Unique features

  • A look at history

    <p>A supernatural tale inspired by incredible historical facts</p>

  • Puzzle

    <p>Original puzzles based on the manipulation of space and time.</p>

Nominations and awards

  • SelectionGamescom awardMeilleur jeu indépendant


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