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Homo Machina

A mobile video game for iOS and Adroid

Homo machina is a video game in 2D, for smartphones and tablets, inspired by Dr. Fritz Kahn’s medical illustrations. Dive into a fantastic universe where the body becomes a gigantic mechanized factory, filled with tiny workers that are controlling every function of the human anatomy. Dr. Kahn, an infographics pioneer, excelled in scientific popularisation. His simplification of biology through…

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Technical Info & Short Credits

Video games
Creative directors / Executive producers
Marc Lustigman, Noam Roubah
Art direction
Olivier Bonhomme
Game Designer
Vincent Levy, Lothario Areski Peon de Schuyter, Logan Porati
Adrien Carpentier, Laura Fournier, Claire Léger
2D Artists
Anne Hirsch, Nicolas Terlon
Alisée Preudhomme, Grégory Parisi, Danae Alba
Gameplay developers
André Berlemont, Romain Péchot, Enki Londe, Ludovic Moge
Original music
Xavier Thiry
Sound designer
Nicolat Signat
Animation studio

Nominations and awards

  • WinnerGAME CONNECTION 2018 (SAN FRANCISCO)Best mobile game
  • WinnerPING AWARDS 2019 (PARIS)Best mobile game
  • WinnerSILVER LOVIE AWARDS 2018Best mobile game
  • OFFICIAL NOMINEESXSW 2018 (AUSTIN)Gamer's voice award