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The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature

Featuring stunning art direction, reminiscent of watercolour paintings, the game will task players with writing their version of Mary Shelley’s gothic classic.

A fresh look at the myth of Frankenstein Play as the Creature, a wanderer without memory or past, a virgin spirit in a completely fabricated body. To forge the destiny of this artificial being who is ignorant of both Good and Evil, you will have to explore the vast world and experience joy and sorrow. Dr. Frankenstein’s founding myth is once again revealed in all its glory through the innocent…

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Technical Info & Short Credits

Video games
Cédric Bache and Laurent Checola
Thibault De Corday
Creative director
Thomas Sandmeier
Artistic director
Charles Boury
Project Manager
Frédéric Sommer
Gameplay developer
Enki Londe
Tools programmer
Lorris Giovagnoli
3D Animator
Alban Vilaseca
Composer, Audio designer
Alex Burnett
3D Modeler
Boria Manual
Assistant game designer
Florian Jesuha
Assistant gameplay developer
Paul Perea
La Belle Games, ARTE France
ARTE France

Nominations and awards

  • German Academy for Children's and Youth LiteratureBest Narrative Award
  • Official selectionLudicious, Zürich 2020
  • Official selectionLes Pégase, Paris 2020
  • Official selectionBologne 2020