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30 Birds

Lantern City's people are at loss: their Goddess and protector has been kidnapped !

Discover a sumptuous universe within spinning lanterns. Explore an open world inspired by Persian miniatures, meet quirky inhabitants and eccentric Jinns, solve puzzles, and take on challenges to help Zig find Simurgh, the missing Goddess !

In 30 Birds, you play as Zig, a young and mysterious detective. Explore Lantern City, a harmonious blend of 2D and 3D, in this enchanting narrative adventure inspired by Persian miniatures. Stroll through the heart of the lanterns and help Zig find the thirty birds to save Simurgh, the creator of the lanterns, after her sudden disappearance. But beware, you will surely encounter curious…

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Technical Info & Short Credits

Video games
Ram Ram Games, Business Goose, ARTE FRANCE
Auteur, Game Designer, Musician, and Developer.
Laurent Toulouse
Art Director
Coline Sauvand
Stéphane Martin, Sander Ambroos, Beau Vankemenade, Sébastien André, Vanessa Coeurnelle, Jonathan Wolfs
2D Art Design
Antoine Jonniaux
3D Art Design
Gilles Tricoire, Beau Vankemendade, Sander Ambroos, Stéphane Martin, Emmanuel Larralde
With the support of
VAF et de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles


Unique features

  • A mythical and colorful world inspired by Oriental art

    <p>Environments entirely hand-illustrated, drawing inspiration from Persian miniatures</p>

  • Vibrant challenges

    <p>Create music, solve puzzles, or play cards to make progress</p>

Nominations and awards

  • Official Selection 2023DreamHack Beyond
  • Official Selection 2023Tiny Teams Festival
  • Official Selection 2022Wholesome Games Festival
  • Belgian Game Awards 20201UP FestivalMost Anticipated Game